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17th-Mar-2010 09:56 pm - twenty-two
yo guys long time no see
i am almost done with those requests from ages ago
you know
the ones from july
and i am severely unhappy with most of the icons in this post

115 icons; air gear, lovely complex, pandora hearts, starry sky, toradora.

up ahead there was a curve approaching; she made no indication of slowingCollapse )
18th-Feb-2010 01:28 pm(no subject)
hello kids i am the new maker here
i hope you all like my colorful squares

25 total
starry sky CGs ✖ 15
gundamoos (00, 0079, unicorn) ✖ 5
misc. (gundam 00 fanart, casshern sins) ✖ 5

'cause you should be my laaadyyyyyCollapse )
8th-Feb-2010 03:22 pm(no subject)
i have an important announcement to make.

important like so important it deserves it's own red alert gather around okay yes you too get the fuck over here guys

it thrills me to inform you that we've got a new iconeer in our midst--!!
that's right guys you are so shocked i can tell

so everyone say a big WELCOME all together for our new idol wenli !!!
you'd better be nice to her because she is delicate like glass and you'll be seeing a lot of her around

yeah that's all you can go back to your regularly scheduled derping out enjoy your day
5th-Feb-2010 09:31 am - 21
63 icons; song of saya (saya), starry sky (azusa, tsukiko), to love-ru.

the radius of 5200 centimeters is the distance i can swing aroundCollapse )
26th-Jan-2010 10:11 am(no subject)
these are like super old i'm so sorry whoa

uhh about requests!! well they are still going just not very quickly

128 icons; barajou no kiss, canaan, dears, gundam 00, to love-ru, toradora!, rozen maiden, umineko no naku koro ni

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12th-Dec-2009 11:18 pm(no subject)

merry freakin' christmas guys
IN CELEBRATION OF THIS BEAUTIFUL OCCASION i took the liberty of redoing our layout
now it's beautiful i know

anyway the reason i made this post
i am in a terrible slump my friends
i don't have the motivation to do anything because i'm so lazy i could die

reply to this post with three (3) regular images or one (1) manga panel and i will speedily create you an icon!!
i am hoping this will get me over my slump if not then oh well

THERE ARE 20 SPOTS GOGOGO yes reserves are fine i don't care

28th-Nov-2009 10:40 am(no subject)
93 icons; airgear, gundam 00, monokuro kittan, pandora hearts, rozen maiden, shinshi doumei cross, to love-ru, umineko

i don't know how to feel

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6th-Sep-2009 12:46 pm(no subject)
GUNDAM 00 [57]

i am almost done with requests i swear
that's a lie i have done like a third but that's some okay

also this is the most biased post i have ever made

now with 100% more lj cut

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10th-Aug-2009 08:47 pm(no subject)
GUNDAM 00 [38]
MISC [26] (doubt, higurashi, loveless, pandora hearts, shinshi doumei cross, haruhi suzumiya, shugo chara!, soul eater)

this batch is so awful i'm not even going to put it in a table
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